vB Comment - Mod comment nhanh cho vbb4
Đăng lúc 4/20/2012 12:23:00 AM

Name: vB Comment
Version: 1.1
Feature: add & display comments for each post
How to install:
- Download & unrar vB Comment.rar
- Upload 'clientscript', 'images' folder and the file 'comment.php' to your host
- Import product file.

v1.1 Info:
- Added: Send pm when a new comment posted
- Added: Comment to comment.

v1.2 Info:
- Fixed: error link in pm
- Added: 2 new settings (order comments & allow smilies)
- Template changed: dt_vb_comment_js
- Plugins changed: init_startup, postbit_display_complete
- Files changed: comment.php, vb_comment.js