Thread Thumbnails 2.2.7 - Hiển thị hình ảnh trong bài viết ra ngoài cho vbb
Đăng lúc 12/28/2011 08:46:00 AM
Trích từ: tổng hợp thủ thuật vBulletin


The first image from the first post of thread will be get and displayed to forumdisplay
If in the first post have a no picture, but have a [youtube] bbcode or [video=youtube], it will get the youtube default thumbnails to display
And last, if in the first post have no picture, youtube video but have image-attach file, this mod will get it to display

A zoom effect will occurs when you hover over thumbnails

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Update Thread Thumbnails 2.2.8(10/21/2011)
Update Thread Thumbnails 2.2.7(10/18/2011)
  • New option: Use Avatar of poster to the default thumbnail if poster have. Or no, use default Image to displayed
Update Thread Thumbnails 2.2.6(10/12/2011)
  • New option: Show thumbnails in Search page (all forums or only forums used this mod)
Update Thread Thumbnails 2.2.5(10/10/2011)
  • New option: CSS for thumbnails (you can use CSS to modify thumbnails block)
Update Thread Thumbnails 2.2.4(10/06/2011)
  • Optimized code
  • Modified Jquery Library option, you may use jquery google hosted
Update Thread Thumbnails 2.2.3(10/05/2011)
  • Modified CSS padding for requested here and others
  • Optimized code
  • New option: excludes any groupids
Update Thread Thumbnails 2.2.2(10/04/2011)
  • Fixed some bugs:
    • Thread preview text covers the zoomed image
    • jQuery conflict to zoom image not work
Update Thread Thumbnails 2.2.1 (10/03/2011)
  • Add new option: Overwrite to thread status or no
Update Thread Thumbnails 2.2(10/03/2011)
  • Add new option zoom effects
  • Have option: set size of zoom image
Update Thread Thumbnails 2.1 (10/02/2011)
  • Optimized code
Features of this mod
  • You can turn On/ Off mod
  • Option choose type of thumbnails (first image, youtube, file attach) (Feature on version 2.1)
  • Setting default size of thumbnails
  • Option: excludes any groupids (Feature on version 2.2.3)
  • Option overwrite to thread status or no (Feature on version 2.2.1)
  • Option zoom effects (Feature on version 2.2)
  • Option: set size of zoom image (Feature on version 2.2)
  • Option: Show thumbnails in Search page (all forums or only forums used this mod) (Feature on version 2.2,6)
  • Option: Use Avatar of poster to the default thumbnail (Feature on version 2.2.7)
  • Option: CSS for thumbnails (you can use CSS to modify thumbnails block) (Feature on version 2.2.5)
  • Have option include all forum or include any forum, and this option you can re-set size of thumbnails for each forum id
  • Last, you can exclude any forum you want in above forums list

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