Orbit Downloader v4.1.0.0 Portable
Đăng lúc 4/29/2011 02:22:00 PM

Orbit Downloader is a great speed, super light,easy-to-use free download manager. It is based on p2p and multi-source downloading technology and supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP protocols. Using Orbit Downloader, you can almost download everything online with 500% faster speed, like youtube video, rapidshare files, flash and streaming media etc. Anyway, Orbit Downloader is an indispendsable tool for download acceleration and management.

* Great Speed. Orbit Downloader is based on p2p and multi-source downloading technology, which make you download files up to 500% faster than before.
* Super Light: micro-sized and resource-friendly. Orbit Downloader is written with efficiency in mind, it typically uses less than 3MB of memory and 3% of cpu when downloading. Additionally, the installation package is less than 1.6MB.
* Easy to Use. Orbit Downloader has a simple and clear user interface. It is easy to use and config for both newbies and professions.
* The Most Comprehensive Download Tools. Internet Downloader all in one: Orbit Downloader supports most protocols and have a function of “Flash and Streaming Media Capturer”, so you can download videos from youtube metacafe, files from rapidshare, metalink files, flash and streaming media online more simple and easy.
* Support IE, Firefox, Maxthon and Opera. Orbit Downloader integrates seamlessly into IE, FireFox, Maxthon and Opera without installing any other plugin
* Free and Safe. 100% free and no registration allowed. No adware!!! No spyware!!!

Main features
Orbit Downloader, leader of download manager revolution, is devoted to new generation web (web2.0) downloading, such as video/music/files from Myspace, YouTube, Imeem, Pandora, Rapidshare. And to make general downloading easier and faster.
    * 1. Tag make you manage your download files easily
    * 2. Download social music, social video and streaming media
    * 3. Extreme download acceleration.
    * 4. Super Light: micro-sized and resource-friendly
    * 5. Support RapidShare download.
    * 6. Support IE, Firefox, Maxthon, Opera.
    * 7. Support Metalink download.
    * 8. Support HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS, RTSP and RTMP protocols.
    * 9. Support Proxy server configuration.
    * 10.Support download pasue and resume.
    * 11.General download management.

Orbit Downloader V4.1.0.0 ( Apr.29,2011)
    * Improve : GrabPro support WebM video in IE9 and Firefox4.
    * Improve : GetIt support HTML5 video and support WebM.
    * Improve : Grab++ support WebM stream.

Size: 10 MB

1- Flash Player 10.2 Included
2- Internet explorer Included
3- Open Internet Explorer That Included Then Open DownLoad Page And DownLoad With Orbit
4- You Can DownLoad Video From most Sites
5- In Internet Explorer Go To View > Toolbars > Grab Pro
6- Enjoy!